Need to call quickly, without navigating the site? Telephone 01375 891010

Postcode is RM16 3HX but please be aware we have noted some sat nav may direct you to South Ockenden, which is quite some way away.

If you need to send something fast and the courier is already on the way, click the button below for a PDF address label, to help you print it off it will open in a new window, thanks for your business, best wishes from the prop team. Goodbye!


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Welcome to the prop shop, run by Mark and Tony, you will get the best service and the best value.

Straight talking, that is what we like AND do.

We will get you a quote quickly.
Our quotes include all standard parts and services.

We aim and succeed usually, to give you a full report on your prop 2 days after receiving it here. At that stage a full estimate is given to you, there will be no extra items added…………Promise……………Only exception would be if an item failed Non Destructive Testing (NDT) as it is impossible to perform this within our class leading inspection time of 2 days, however NDT failures are fortunately infrequent.

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We are able to offer a fly in-fly out service.

We perform propeller works for many clients, both in the U.K. and abroad ranging from a small fixed pitch propeller to a multi blade turbine. Private owners and maintenance companies get the same great service.

We have a dedicated vehicle to pick up and deliver your prop at cost price if needed, we often try to arrange to share these cost between customers by combining pick ups and deliveries and of course these savings are passed on to our customers.

We are able and approved, to perform works on Hartzell, McCauley, Senssenich and Hamilton Standard propeller’s.

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SO IT’S N Reg=No Problem, we are FAA repair station 3GNY064C

We only use factory, OEM parts. We will never use any FAA/PMA items in our propellers, with the exception of de-ice boots sometimes, its the process and materials that make a good de ice boot install but we are happy to install OEM boots of course for you, we do have some customers that prefer them.
Our paints used are factory approved and we like to see our props return here for another overhaul, it makes us proud that it takes a lot of effort to remove the paint we applied 6 years ago!

We can happily accept payment from international customers not only in GBP, but USD and Euro.
Credit cards are welcomed.
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There is a lot to consider when choosing your propeller service company, a website is often impersonal and sometimes not the best environment to make valued decisions, our website is just an insight into our company, what we all need is less internet and more talking sometimes !

So please call and have a chat about what we can do for you………..Telephone …01375 891010

Footnote. We have never been very happy to have an email contact form on our site, we think that there is just too much spam and phishing to make anyone feel confident to send a mail through a website despite all the security you see of copying a string of numbers or adding up 2 and 5 and entering 7 etc etc etc
As we said earlier, more talking and less internet…………..lets talk first, say hello and then e mail later, talking is good.